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What's The Job Market For Birth Injury Attorney Professionals Like?

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Four Parts of a Legal Claim

When a doctor or hospital causes a birth injury, the family affected should receive an adequate amount of compensation to cover medical costs and to ensure the future of their child. Attorneys and experts collaborate to create a case that meets four legal requirements.

The lawsuit starts when the plaintiff's lawyer is required to file a summons or complaint with the court. The case goes through a period of discovery, in which attorneys exchange information, including depositions.

Statute of limitations

Like all personal injury lawsuits such as birth injuries, birth injury lawsuits must be filed within a certain period of time, also known as a statute of limitations. When this time frame expires, both the victim's family and their loved ones could lose the opportunity to recover financial compensation from medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice refers to a physician or nurse who fails to perform in accordance with standards of medical care. In many states, this means practicing within the scope of their education, training and experience. Because of their unique training, medical specialists such as obstetricians, for instance, have higher standards.

Lawyers often seek proof of the quality of medical treatment from experts who be witnesses on behalf of clients. The experts may either look over the case file or conduct depositions of the key witnesses to help support claims of negligence.

Expert witnesses can discern between malpractice and mistakes. A mistake, for instance, is an error which any competent and reasonably skilled medical professional could have made under the circumstances. However, the mistake caused harm. Malpractice is a much more serious matter and requires a deliberate action or omission causing harm. Most birth injury lawyers apply both theories to ensure that victims receive fair compensation.

A family can bring a lawsuit against a private person such as an obstetrician or a hospital, for negligence that causes medical issues for children. Families can also file a wrongful death claim if severe birth injuries result in a child's wrongful death.

Medical Records

If you or someone you care about suffered an injury during birth, filing claims can be challenging. A medical malpractice and personal injury attorney can help you gather the necessary documentation and evidence to increase your chances of winning financial compensation you are owed.

A successful claim for birth injury is based on the establishing of four key elements which include duty of care, breach of this duty; causation, and damages. A competent lawyer can work with your family to establish these elements using medical records and other evidence, including expert testimony.

In a case of medical malpractice doctors are generally accountable for the actions they take during their work. A hospital could be held vicariously responsible for the negligent acts of its employees, as long as they were acting within the context of their work.

Based on the severity of your child's injury and the severity of the injury, your child may require medical or life-care throughout their lives. This could mean a lot of expenses, such as hospitalization as well as additional surgeries and procedures, medications, in-home carers, equipment, and other services.

A birth injury lawsuit can take many years to settle. However, a knowledgeable legal team can speed up this process by examining all evidence and giving it to you as quickly as possible. Most birth injury lawyers offer free initial consultations and contingency fee agreements, which means you don't have to pay any attorneys' fees while the lawsuit is pending as long as they get compensation for you.

Expert Witnesses

The medical expert witness is an important source of information to the judge and jury. This expert is able to examine the particular case and recognize what elements are crucial to the clinical process. This allows lawyers to focus their arguments on the important and only address pertinent issues. The expert is also able to translate medical and scientific terminology into a clear format for the jury.

To make a case successful, there must be four parts to be proven: negligence breach of duty, causation, and damages. New York birth injury attorneys can use medical records and other proof to show this. They can name as defendants all medical professionals who were involved in the treatment of the child and the delivery including the hospital in which the delivery took place. They might also be required to identify the mother's name and any other family members who were present during the delivery.

After the lawsuit is filed after which the parties undergo a process of filing motions, hearings and discovery. This involves the exchange of medical records as well as other information between the two sides. The discovery period may last for a period of up to a year. In this time, parties often try to come to an agreement. If a settlement cannot be reached the case will proceed to trial. This could last for a few years, though most cases settle earlier.


The lawsuit process begins with building a case for financial compensation. Your lawyer must be able to construct a strong case and undergo trial if necessary. Your lawyer typically advances all lawsuit expenses and only gets paid attorneys' fees if they recover money for you.

The process of bringing a lawsuit for birth injuries begins with your lawyer filing an Summons and Complaint with the court in the county in which the injury occurred. The hospitals, doctors as well as other medical providers are defendants. After the lawsuit is filed, a variety of steps take place, including discovery. This is the time when attorneys exchange information, provide evidence and obtain depositions from witnesses.

The most important element in a birth injury lawsuit is showing the causality. You must prove that a medical professional did not fulfill their duty and that your child would not be injured if they did not.

The other main aspect of a birth injury legal case is proving damages. Your lawyer will work with experts to determine all of your losses, from medical bills to lost income to lifetime care and emotional distress. Your lawyer could also seek to strengthen your claim by providing the results of other malpractice cases involving similar injuries. Additionally your lawyer will take into consideration the current state of the law applicable to your particular injury, including whether the noneconomic damage cap is applicable.


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